Cyclist faces bankruptcy after collision with pedestrian

A cyclist who knocked down a pedestrian, could face bankruptcy from the resulting legal bills. The incident took place on London Bridge, when the pedestrian, thought to be looking at her phone whilst crossing the road, was knocked over.

It is stated that the cyclist was travelling through a green light and that he was within the speed limit and sounded his horn to alert the pedestrian. The pedestrian was awarded £4,161 in damages by Central London’s County Court. The judge also ruled she was equally to blame for the collision.

The cyclist now faces £20,000 in compensation and legal costs but if he had taken out insurance, this could have potentially been capped at around £7,000.
The case has attracted widespread attention and sympathy from the cycling community and a crowd funding initiative has taken place, which to date has raised £2,500 to help cover his costs.

In a statement, issued through his personal injury firm, the cyclist said:
‘I can only hope that the focus on this case highlights the vulnerability of cyclists, both physically and against the courts, and that it might help reform a legal system that appears to leave certain road users disproportionately exposed.’

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