Why a Lasting power of Attorney is important

Following an accident, you may not have full capacity to handle your affairs.

Whilst you may have mental capacity, you may not be able to physically carry out day to day tasks like shopping or paying your bills. You may not be in a position to arrange your social care or even invest your Personal Injury compensation.

If you own a business, who would pay your workers, your suppliers and manage the business until you were able.

Anyone who wants to have peace of mind, knowing that, if the need arose, their affairs and welfare would be looked after by a person they know and trust, should think about Lasting Powers of Attorney.

If these issues concern you, you should think about Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA).

What is a Lasting Power of Attorney?

A Lasting Power of Attorney is a powerful legal document whereby you give authority to another person to manage your affairs and make decisions in your best interests if you should ever be unable to do so yourself – either because you lack mental or physical capability.

It allows you to leave important decisions to those you trust and not to chance.

You can also appoint an Attorney to carry out a specific action, for example, to act on your behalf in a property transaction. This is just called a Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney will not continue if you lose mental capacity but a Lasting power of Attorney (LPA) does continue if you lose mental capacity.

In addition, you can give a Lasting Power of Attorney over all your property and affairs — not just specific tasks.

It is easy to arrange a Lasting Power of Attorney and ensures that you are prepared for whatever may happen in your life.

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