Accidents where you slip or trip over something is an everyday occurrence with thousands of people suffering the indignity of a fall every year.

Comedians from Charlie Chaplin’s slapstick to Del Boy falling through the opening in a bar top, always make us smile but taking a fall can result in serious injury and is no laughing matter.

The main causes of trips and slips are usually:

  • Wet floors caused by a spillage, leakage, condensation or brought in by feet on a wet day
  • Uneven floors or surfaces
  • Poor lighting so you can’t see where you are going
  • Badly finished or inappropriate flooring
  • Electric cables and wires or hosepipes etc
  • Potholes in a badly lit road
  • Uneven pavements
  • Manhole covers poorly fitted and protruding
  • Untidy work premises


Who is responsible?

Whilst it is the responsibility of our councils and employers to ensure they do all they can to make the environment safe for us, we all as individuals have a responsibility to take care and to warn others if we see a potential hazard. We should not leave potential dangers such as split water for others to clear up.

If you fall at work

Most of us spend a large amount of our life at work so it is not unlikely that we will trip or slip there at some point. Your employer will be insured against a compensation claim for such accidents.
Please click here to  visit our page on Accidents at work” for more information.

Accidents out walking

Should you trip over a raised paving stone or manhole cover, you may be entitled to claim compensation for any injury caused. However, your claim is less likely to be successful if the rise or drop is less that one inch.

Out shopping

To avoid expensive litigation, our larger stores are now very efficient in clearing up spillages, whether caused by staff or customers, but accidents still happen and people can still be injured.
Smaller shops may not be quite as efficient and their signage may not warn you so well of a danger spot but whether small or large, all commercial premises have to carry insurance for such eventualities.
Tripping over boxes however can be a problem in any shop as the staff have to put away deliveries, and so it pays to be vigilant when walking around the aisles.

Supreme Court backs damages for carer who slipped on ice

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