Any injury to the person can cause pain, suffering, inconvenience and sometimes financial loss.

However, the result of a serious injury could also mean major changes to your life with major consequences on where and how you live and work, on a temporary or permanent basis.

At Thomas Dunton, we have been helping people for over 35 years claim fair compensation for a personal injury, ranging from the results of a broken ankle to serious brain damage. We fully understand and appreciate how devastating a serious injury can be and the help and support that you will require to become independent again and rebuild your life. We will discuss your current and future needs, including rehabilitation assistance, physical needs, accommodation requirements or housing adaptations, mobility issues etc.

Some of the areas that we are expert in include:

  • Injuries to the head and brain
  • Back and Spinal Injuries
  • Amputations
  • Broken bones and fractures
  • Serious psychiatric injuries


Why you need to claim maximum compensation

A serious injury compensation claim isn’t just about compensating you for the pain and suffering you have endured but ensuring that everything possible is done to ensure that you are returned to full health as quickly as possible or, if this is not feasible, then you have everything you require to give you the best quality of life that the circumstances allow.

Such injuries can mean lengthy periods off work, financial problems, extra work and stress for your family, as well as possible psychological issues for the injured person.

A claim for compensation would consider the following where appropriate:

  • The seriousness of the injury
  • Pain and suffering you have endured
  • How it has affected your life and that of your family
  • Personal care, both now and in the future, by family members and health care professionals
  • Rehabilitation and services by specialists such Osteopathy, Physiotherapy etc
  • Specialist equipment
  • Home and vehicle adaptations
  • Loss of earning both current and future
  • Issues with employment
  • Loss of pension

Thomas Dunton appreciate that apart from striving for maximum compensation, it is also essential that we actively pursue the defendant to fund additional medical treatment and that any specialist equipment or home adaptations that are required are made available at the earliest opportunity to reduce the financial burden and help stabilise their life.

Compensation when agreed by the Court, or as an out of Court settlement, may be as one lump sum payment, phased over a period or a combination of the two. The exact terms will depend on the likelihood of whether the injured party will possibly require additional support in the future.

Provisional Damages

Since 1985 the Court has been empowered to make an award of “Provisional damages” and this can circumvent the problem of there being possible, but not inevitable, deterioration in the future and which otherwise would result in either over or under compensation.

Making a claim

If the injury was not your fault and due to the negligence of another party, you may have just cause to claim compensation.

Strict time limits apply for bringing a Personal Injury claim and proceedings must start within a 3 years period from the date of the accident. Children may claim at any time before they are 21 years of age. Different rules also apply to people unable to manage their legal affairs due to mental incapacity.

It is essential that we receive all the necessary information as quickly as possible.

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