Farming and tree surgery are recognised as two of the most dangerous industries to work in.

Agriculture alone accounts for one in five workplace fatalities according to the Health and Safety Executive. An employer is legally responsible for the safety and welfare of their workers and managing these risks protects them, their workers and their business

Tree Surgeons (Arborists) are often placed in a number of dangerous situations during their normal working day. As with farming, injuries sustained when working at height or with dangerous machinery can be life-changing.

Tree Surgeons working at height

Falling from a height is the cause of most fatal accidents at work, as well as some of the most serious injuries.

The Work at Height Regulations 2005 was introduced to protect workers and the main points in it are:

  • The work must be properly planned and supervised.
  • If working at height is unavoidable, any risks should be eliminated or reduced wherever possible by providing appropriate equipment.
  • Everyone must be properly trained and all equipment must be in a safe and fully-working condition.

It is not advisable to allow employees to work at height on their own. Great care in particular should be taken when dealing with diseased or dying trees as branches are more likely to break. Equipment such as ropes, harnesses and platforms must be regularly inspected and training given on how to use them.

Tree Surgeons operating dangerous machinery

Two of the most dangerous pieces of equipment are chainsaws and stump grinders. They both have the potential to cause horrific injuries or death. It is a legal requirement that anyone using a chainsaw must have adequate training to cope with all situations in which it may be used and that they must wear appropriate protective clothing.

Tree Surgeons hit by falling trees/branches

Heavy objects such as branches or pieces of equipment, or even a colleague, falling from a tree can cause injuries to those on the ground.

Employees should always be cognisant of what is happening above them and always wear a safety helmet and other protective equipment when working at ground level around trees just as when working at height.

If you have been injured while working as a tree surgeon and the accident may have been avoided in any way, you may be able to make a Personal Injury claim

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