Visiting the dentist can be a worrying experience but if it goes wrong it can become a nightmare.

Your dentist owes you a duty to take care in carrying out the correct treatment and in the correct manner. If your dentist breaches this duty and this results in some form of personal injury, you maybe entitled to bring a dental negligence claim on a ‘no win no fee’ basis

Negligence Claim

To make a successful dental negligence claim it is necessary to prove that the same treatment would not have been provided by a reasonable and competent member of the dental profession.

Examples show the type of claims that can arise:

  1. Wrongful removal of a tooth/teeth
  2. Injury caused by a dental implement, for example, a drill
  3. Failure to provide adequate fillings/crowns
  4. Tooth whitening claims – being left with teeth which are cosmetically unsightly
  5. Damage to the facial/oral nerves during a dental procedure
  6. Failure to diagnose/treat periodontal disease tooth carries
  7. Inappropriate root canal treatment


Dental work can be very expensive and generally means taking time off work. Therefore, if you have suffered unnecessarily because of negligent treatment, you should be entitled to make a claim for compensation for your injuries and out of pocket expenses.

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